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Resilient scalable build systems

Resilient scalable build systems

The Pancake Stack

The Pancake Stack At Nitro, we have tried to embrace the idea that simple systems are key to scalable and efficient infrastructure and micro-services and help maximize innovation, velocity, and trust. If you have not heard this talk by Rich Hickey, please take the time to watch this talk. The points made are invaluable for systems and software development. “Simple” is the opposite of “complex,” which means “being intertwined” or “being tied together.

Server...less docker

Server…less Docker… or stream processing with docker using golang. At Dockercon I saw a ‘cool hack’ they called server-less docker. Basically the idea is to use containers as functions in programs instead of using containers as servers. This brings back the concept of cgi. Further on the idea of server-less docker is to create a program and inside the program functions call out to containers to do the work. Instead of needing to maintain a huge cluster of servers for a particular purpose you can have raw compute available as a swarm cluster and just utilize it as necessary for whatever computation you need.

Speeding up Docker builds

apt-cacher-ng with docker builds Working with docker on a laptop testing configuration of containers has some of the same annoyances as working with other configuration managment tools and testing frameworks like test-kitchen, chef, ansible etc… It takes forever to download dependencies. I might test some infrastructure code using vagrant or test-kitchen many many times a day and it sucks having to download apt packages from mirrors that time out or get bogged down randomly.

Docker Hacks

I’ve found this snippet handy when you need to restart the docker daemon and want to resume currently running containers. docker ps |tail -n +2 > /docker.running cat /docker.running service docker restart docker start $(awk '{print $1}' /docker.running)